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  Rules of Miniature Golf  
  • Please limit parties playing together to no more than four persons.
  • Please do not start to play on any Fairway tee until players ahead have finished.
  • Please do not walk on any Fairway playing surface except while putting.
  • Please do not cut in front of other players, ask to play through.
  • Allow faster players to play through so you can enjoy your game more relaxed.
  • Please keep clubs out of the water.
  • Please do not bang clubs on anything.


  Playing Rules  
  One stroke penalty if:  
  • Ball jumps off fairway....replace where ball left fairway
  • Ball snagged in obstacle....replace closest to obstacle on fairway
  • Ball rolls back to tee....replace on tee
  • Ball hit by another ball back to original location where hit - NO Penalty
  • Ball may be moved in four (4) inches from rails or hazards - NO Penalty
  • After reaching green (hole area), person nearest the hole putts first and continues until ball is in cup.
  • Seven (7) stroke maximum limit per hole. Mark 7 on card, pick up ball and move to next fairway tee.
  • Please do not replay hole, player with lowest score (winning hole) has honor to tee off on next hole.