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Bankshot Rules:

Player may not shoot directly at the basket; swish shots are not allowed. The shooter "banks" each shot off the boards and each backboard requires its own deflection or shooting strategy.
Ball must strike backboard areas indicated.
Two warm-up shots permitted at basket #1.
No practice shots allowed during the game.
Players take turns rebounding.
Shoot with BOTH feet in appropriate circle.
Each player is to complete all 3 circles before next player takes his/her turn.


At each circle you may take two tries to make one BANKSHOT.
Don't take the second shot if you score on the first.
Two tries to make one basket from:
Inner Circle - 1 point
Middle Circle - 2 points
Outer Circle - 3 points
If BANKSHOTS are scored at each basket (six points) add one bonus point to your score. You are also entitled to take ONE single BANKSHOT from the circle of your choice for up to 3 bonus points.
Maximum each basket - 10 points
Maximum at baskets 10, 11, 12 - 20 points
Maximum each game - 150 points
Double point values on baskets 10, 11, 12
Dunking, slamming or touching rims are NOT allowed and violators will lose playing privileges.